Alpha Ministries Pakistan, was established in 1995. In 1997, Alpha Ministries established Alpha School in Kotli village for the deprived brick kiln labor community. Children were forced to work on brick kilns with their parents to pay off their debts. These children who wanted to receive education were forced to work under extreme unsanitary¬†conditions, and expose to abuse and lack of care by the brick kiln owners. To eradicate child labor and to educate the children, Alpha School was established and is now a catalyst for other 100 villages. Ms. Saima Yousaf oversees Alpha School and Alpha Ministries in Pakistan. Alpha School employ qualified trained teachers regardless of gender and faith, who have produced brilliant young minds in 20 years. On March 16, Annual Result of Alpha School was announced; this was a great day for the Kotli village. Amoon and Ghazala support Alpha Ministries and Alpha School every month for the last 20 years that pays the salaries of the ministry and school staff and ministry expenses. Couple of friends help to support the ministry, we¬†need more passionate friends who are willing to rescue a child from forced child labor and invest in that child’s life through education and to give that child a bright and prosperous future.